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The rise of Tunisia-promo


Birth ...
    Born in 2002 with the aim to support the development of the Internet in real estate in Tunisia, Tunisia-promo has adopted the medium that has profoundly changed how housing search. Compared to an ad brief paper, costly, and sometimes illustrated little dated, Internet ad offers more complete descriptions, accompanied by visuals needed and updated daily.
    ... its rise:
    Since its inception, Tunisia-promo has developed several successive versions over the years to adapt to the changing needs of each user to find housing to rent or buy. This evolution of services accompanied the rise of Tunisia Estate. Tunisia-promo is the real estate must for any visitor looking for a home to buy, rent or sell in Tunisia.
Tunisia-promo, Real Estate solution for communication on the Internet
More than real estate classifieds site, Tunisia-promo is defined as the site of the real estate expert, a platform bringing together complementary services around the heart that form of business ads.

  • The only real estate portal offering ads in Tunisia in two languages: French and English.
  • The only real estate portal in Tunisia offer prices in two currencies: Euro and Dinar and making the conversion automatically and according to the foreign exchange rates updated every minute.
  • The only real estate portal in Tunisia offering both announcements professionals and individuals.
Most real estate sites have a single source for their ads exclusively from either individuals or professionals. Tunisia-promo is the only real estate portal to have chosen to combine these two sources.

Indeed, agencies and individuals can publish their (s) offer (s) on Tunisia-promo, regardless of their number. This diversification of sources allows for greater wealth offers

Ad hoc services for users

Users are more familiar foremost Tunisia Estate for its small ads. Their wealth (nearly 500 000 ads total) allows each user to find satisfaction, regardless of need: research a purchase or rental of an apartment or a house, housing fixed or holiday ... These offers may include new or old, prestige, roommate, student housing, land, second homes ... This diversity is a considerable time saving compared to a search "physical" property, which would never confront many offers in as little time.

The richness of these offers can be explained by their many and varied sources:

  • Media release. All advertisements in these media can be found automatically and free of charge to the advertiser on Tunisia Estate.
  • Estate agents, many of which are those who have chosen to host all of their ads on Real Estate Tunisia to give them greater visibility.
  • Individuals who can then place an ad to put their homes for sale or lease.
Specifically, the search is based on several criteria (types of property - house, apartment, parking, ... -, number of rooms, floor space, price, location by city and even price range. It is also possible add filters.

A permanent update: In Tunisia-promo, the update is permanent. It is partly with simultaneous updates of real estate agent, and other guaranteed by the limited life and assessed for each announcement: after 3 months for 6 months for rentals and sales they are automatically deleted from the site.
Unpublished editorial content:
Tunisia-promo platform complete these ads by Multimedia content, advertisers can add various types of media for their advertising images, videos, virtual tours.

Customizable space:

  "My Account" allows each user to receive a personalized according to its own needs. One possibility is:   

  • To publish ads of their choice in order not to make a new search to complete each connection.
  • Receive many alerts as you like
  • Receive a newsletter ...
  • To file and manage ads (Tunisia Estate is the only real estate portal bringing together both professional announcements and individuals).

Tailor-made services for professionals:

    A comprehensive solution for communication on the Internet
    The real estate market has the lion's share Internet ... realtors have to follow this trend. This is why they Tunisia Estate offers a comprehensive range of communication media on this.

A sale

spaces to the card, transparent and without obligation

    Tunisia-promo site, acting as a storefront, offers realtors provide them with a space of variable size dedicated to their ads. The sale of these spaces is the best card to meet the needs of each agency, whatever its portfolio of ads.

Institutional advertising service real estate agent

    The ad is not the only way to create visibility for agencies. They can also use corporate advertising on Tunisia Estate and generate traffic to their own website. This allows advertising agencies to enhance their image and to attract customers without disclosing their offers in detail (in the case of high-end homes sometimes requiring a certain level of confidentiality).

A Professional Space

It is not enough to have put ads online, it is still necessary to manage them. This is what makes the space dedicated to professionals through the analysis, including the number and origin of visitors, etc..
Finally, Tunisia-promo offers real estate agents offering complete. This comprehensive offering includes graphic design, hosting, maintenance and search engine optimization Site signed by the estate agency client.

Beautiful references to Tunisia-promo

The success of a company is evaluated not only in terms of their own results, but also the quality of the relationships it has built with its customers and partners to form a virtuous circle.

Tunisia-promo has succeeded in this endeavor to surround himself with solid references Estate him bringing complementary skills. Thus, Tunisia Property claims and justifies its name of "expert real estate portal in Tunisia", offering the user the best deals of real estate agencies, and a variety of services related to the sphere of housing (financing, relocation, tax exemption, Diagnostic real estate, insurance, etc ...).

Several Real estates

At the heart of the profession of Tunisia include small ads. Their quality, richness and continuous updating depends on the satisfaction of the user. Hence the need to attract Tunisia estate listings of many agencies.
To meet this requirement, Tunisia-promo listings hosts several real estate agencies, whether independent distributed throughout the territory belonging to or larger groups.

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